From stand-alone machines to factory and enterprise level solutions, our advanced automation products maximize performance and efficiency. Review our products to learn more.
HMI PLC Servo Circuit Breakers VFD System Diagram
System Diagram



Q Series—Built to Take On Any Application

Part of the groundbreaking iQ Platform, our Q Series PLCs are setting the standard for speed, precision and performance. Compact and scalable, the Q Series addresses the needs of small stand-alone machines that need powerful control as well as entire plants in a variety of industries. No matter the application, Q Series controllers are built to meet the latest industry production requirements, helping you:

  • Minimize operation cycles
  • Maintain strict quality management
  • Incorporate more complex, large-scale equipment
  • Support an increasingly large volume of management data
  • Minimize response time to shorten product life cycles
  • Maximize equipment uptime


More of What You Need

Multi-disciplinary in design, the Q Series offers a broad spectrum of automation capabilities from basic sequence control to process/redundant, motion and PC based control functions. Flexible and expandable, you can mix and match Q Series controllers to create a system that addresses only the functions you need:

  • Large selection of CPU types from entry level to high-capacity, high-performance
  • Industry’s fastest processing speeds with basic execution at 1.9ns per instruction
  • Up to 96 axes of high-speed, high-precision motion control
  • 1Gbit Ethernet network speeds
  • Support for open networks such as CC-Link IE, Modbus, DeviceNet and Profibus
  • Fully customizable expansion with over 4,000 I/O points


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A700 Series—Advanced Performance for Any Application

The A700 Series is our flagship VFDs and it delivers maximum performance, efficiency and durability for every possible application that demands AC motor control. The A700 Series is designed for serious applications including winding, conveyance and many others that are considered severe. A700 offers multiple control methods including our exclusive Real Sensorless Vector (RSV) Control that provides 200% torque at low speeds. Whether standalone, network or in a coordinated motion configuration, the A700 provides an endless amount of flexibility and functionality for the machine builder with the added benefit of outstanding reliability for the end user facility.


A700 Series features include:

  • 200, 400, 600 and 690 Voltage Classes
  • Capacities from 1 up to 800HP
  • Velocity, Torque and Positioning control methods
  • Operating speed range of up to 200:1
  • Built-in sequence controller for customized applications
  • Dual RS-485 serial ports and one USB port for flexible connectivity
  • Up to 300 radians/second speed response for quick reaction


F700 Series—The Smart Choice for Fan and Pump Applications

The F700 Series is our specialty drive that delivers outstanding motor control efficiency for a very specific range of applications. The F700 Series is designed for fan and pump applications where the basic need is do more, using less energy. F700 offers a host of control functions and algorithms that maximize the load to motor efficiencies.
Standalone and building network capable, the F700 is flexible enough to handle the rigorous demands of many HVAC customers ready and rugged


F700 Features include:

  • 200, 400, 600 Voltage Class
  • Capacities from 1 up to 1,000 HP
  • Harmonically friendly with built-in EMC filter
  • Embedded Energy optimization software
  • Bi-directional coasting motor restart
  • Easy connection to existing and future Building Automation network
  • Numerous designs option including UL Type 1, Plenum Rated, etc.


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GT16 Series—Powerful Interaction

Our flagship Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT), the GT16 delivers unmatched visualization for factory and enterprise-level applications. Combining both multimedia and HMI capabilities, the GT16 is your complete touchscreen workstation on the factory floor. Displays range from 5.7-inch to 15-inch, all with 65,536 colors and high resolution and an enhanced CPU and graphics engine. All support standard HMI functions as well as advanced multimedia functions, including video and sound recording/playback, allowing for visual monitoring of a jobsite and viewing of training or other media.


The GT16 also connects to more. With Ethernet, CC-Link and serial communication options, your HMI can interface with multiple components at the same time. Front-mounted, dual USB ports enhance communications while compact flash slots can expand the 15MB of built-in memory when needed. The GT16 is also equipped with VNC server function for efficient remote monitoring and control of the machine on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.


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More Options for Superior Motion Control

With our QD Series and iQ Platform controllers, Mitsubishi Electric delivers superior motion control no matter what your needs are. We offer stand-alone controllers and motion control for up to 96 axes, as well as motion control solutions that can be integrated into your existing PLCs. For any application, we can help you get the most precise, responsive control possible.


QD77 Simple Motion Module

One of the most powerful positioning modules in the industry, the QD77 Series provides speed, position and torque control for applications from 2 axes to 16 axes. Cam, line, shaft and electronic gear control are also standard features. Leveraging our SSCNETIII/H motion network, you gain speeds of up to 150Mbps, three times faster than conventional systems.


iQ Platform Motion Controllers

Part of our industry-leading iQ Platform for complete automation control, the Q172DS and Q173DS motion controllers support applications ranging from 1 axes to 32 axes and are expandable up to 96 axes. These controllers offer high-performance positioning, speed and torque control with on-the-fly mode switching and registration through electronic cam gearing.


Q170MCPU Stand-Alone Motion Controller

Ideal for complete machine control, our stand-alone motion control unit is among the fastest and most versatile solutions in the industry. In a single compact unit, it contains integrated machine and logic control, a built-in power supply, Ethernet port, USB, serial and external coder interface module and seamlessly connects to the J4 servo system. It provides both greater performance and cost efficiency as well as speed, with command operation time of 0.44msec.


Q170MCPU-EIP EthernetIP Motion

For industrial users looking to leverage their existing PLCs and network, our EthernetIP motion controller offers you the reliability and performance Mitsubishi Elecric is known for. Using our iQ Motion Platform technology, this controller is designed to let any organization tackle the most complicated, high-speed applications.


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Circuit Breakers

WS-V Series Circuit Breakers—Solutions for any application

Our comprehensive portfolio of molded case circuit breakers offer a smarter design to meet your growing needs. With a wide selection of compact, cost-effective circuit breakers you can manage a wide array of voltages and current capacities while benefiting from overall higher performance.


  • WS-V Series circuit breakers feature:
  • New design that incorporates internal gas pressure as well as fault-generated electromagnetic force to deliver higher interrupt ratings and better repeat performance
  • Improved breaking capacity
  • Designed for both panel-builder and compact panel installations
  • Commonality across multiple frame sizes to reduce panel space and inventory expenses


S-N Series Contactors and Motor Starters—Smart and simple

Our complete line of UL- and CSA-approved motor controllers is perfect for applications up to 800A. The patented ‘CAN’ terminal design simplifies wiring while providing a very compact frame size. When used with our WS-V series circuit breakers you are afforded the best possible panel SCCR rating.


More options for low voltage switchgear

In addition to your circuit breakers and contactors, we have a complete line of low voltage switchgear products. Our comprehensive portfolio ensures you can meet any demand.


  • Molded case circuit breakers
  • Contactors and motor starters
  • Thermal overload relays
  • Motor starters
  • Contactor relays
  • Operating handles
  • Circuit protectors


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C70 Series—For Advanced Machining and Lower TCO

Part of our iQ Platform for advanced manufacturing, our C70 Series CNC combines maximum functionality for large-scale line machining with an intelligent design that brings down your total cost of ownership.


With the C70 you can control up to 16 axes and 7 program paths simultaneously with processing speeds of 16.8k Block/min. This translates to high speeds and control, shortening tact times and increasing reliability to enhance your overall productivity.


By integrating with our iQ platform, the rack-based C70 Series can further boost your efficiency. Built as a CNC CPU system, it easily integrates with our multi-purpose GOT1000 HMIs and on-rack I/O cards, minimizing both your footprint and your total system costs.


Ideal for complex, networked CNC operations, the C70 is built for the highest levels of precision, speed and accuracy.

  • Accelerated communication speed over the inter-CPU shared memory
  • Up to 16 axes with 4 simultaneously controlled axes per CPU
  • 16.8k Block/min processing speed
  • Streamlined production with reduced Tact Time and host information system linkage
  • Leverages GOT1000 HMI and iQ rack-based I/O card interfaces
  • SSCNETIII benefits, including noise-free, 50Mbps, fiber optic communication


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Built for Speed and Accuracy

For 25 years, Mitsubishi Electric has been creating robots that meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Today, we provide a complete line of robotics for small to medium payloads — up to 20kg — that are setting the industry standard for speed and accuracy.


Mitsubishi Electric robots are ideal for single-robot applications as well as installations that require multiple robots. They excel at complex line applications requiring multiple robots and capabilities thanks in part to the iQ platform, which allows for industry leading simultaneous control of multiple units. They can help you reduce costs, minimize your manufacturing footprint and improve the overall flexibility and efficiency of your operations. Our lineup includes:


RH Series SCARA Robots

Designed for high-speed, high-accuracy applications requiring up to four degrees of freedom, our SCARA robots can handle payloads of 3, 6, 12 or 20kg with reaches up to 1000mm. Protection ratings of IP20, IP 65 and ISO Class3 are also available.


RV Series Vertically Articulated Robots

Our RV Series includes 6-axis vertically articulated robots that offer total flexibility for a wide range of applications with payloads of 2, 4, 7 13, or 20kg. Protection ratings of IP40, IP 67 and ISO Class3 are also available.


RP Series Micro Assembly Robots

Utilizing a unique, 5-joint, dual arm, closed mechanical link design, our RP Series robots feature a low-mass, highly rigid arm and offer unmatched repeatability of +/- 5 microns. The units are offered in 1, 2 or 5kg payload versions.


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