More Options for Superior Motion Control

With our QD Series and iQ Platform controllers, Mitsubishi Electric delivers superior motion control no matter what your needs are. We offer stand-alone controllers and motion control for up to 96 axes, as well as motion control solutions that can be integrated into your existing PLCs. For any application, we can help you get the most precise, responsive control possible.


QD77 Simple Motion Module

One of the most powerful positioning modules in the industry, the QD77 Series provides speed, position and torque control for applications from 2 axes to 16 axes. Cam, line, shaft and electronic gear control are also standard features. Leveraging our SSCNETIII/H motion network, you gain speeds of up to 150Mbps, three times faster than conventional systems.


iQ Platform Motion Controllers

Part of our industry-leading iQ Platform for complete automation control, the Q172DS and Q173DS motion controllers support applications ranging from 1 axes to 32 axes and are expandable up to 96 axes. These controllers offer high-performance positioning, speed and torque control with on-the-fly mode switching and registration through electronic cam gearing.


Q170MCPU Stand-Alone Motion Controller

Ideal for complete machine control, our stand-alone motion control unit is among the fastest and most versatile solutions in the industry. In a single compact unit, it contains integrated machine and logic control, a built-in power supply, Ethernet port, USB, serial and external coder interface module and seamlessly connects to the J4 servo system. It provides both greater performance and cost efficiency as well as speed, with command operation time of 0.44msec.


Q170MCPU-EIP EthernetIP Motion

For industrial users looking to leverage their existing PLCs and network, our EthernetIP motion controller offers you the reliability and performance Mitsubishi Elecric is known for. Using our iQ Motion Platform technology, this controller is designed to let any organization tackle the most complicated, high-speed applications.


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