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Automation In Automobile IndustryAutomotive technology has leaped forward dramatically as a result of on-board technologies, satellite and cloud-based information processing, lightweight materials, and fuel-efficient powertrains. The resulting impact on vehicle design and production has been felt across every element of manufacturing operation. Assembly, paint, and powertrain plants all are impacted by the need to modernize for the surge in new technologies. Increasingly, the use of high-speed PLC processing with large scale data requirements, coupled with robotics integration has become the bedrock design elements of vehicle production lines.
Though automation in automobile industry production has been used for decades, we’re only now seeing the types of breakthroughs in automotive automation that lend to drastically higher output of parts and vehicles with an equally high return on investment. Not only is the automation process speeding up, but the uses for automation in the automobile industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Whereas once there used to be hulking robotic equipment in cordoned off areas, companies can now look to the emergence of cobots – collaborative robots that work with human operators. Connected machines are gaining ground in assembly warehouses around the world where machines not only communicate with each other but human operators, as well.

Automation is vastly different from where it began back in the 1980s and with the changing of times comes the advancement of automation in automobile industry applications. Thanks to the connectedness of automated systems, manufacture and warehousing operations can seamlessly communicate with one another to boost production timing, ROI, and provide operators with total control over the assembly process both inside and outside the assembly plant. With Mitsubishi Electric’s dynamic iQ Platform, you’ll keep your plant operating at max capacity, reduce work time, and lower total expenses everywhere in the process from development to production.

As forerunners in automotive automation, Mitsubishi Electric invests an average of $1.2 billion in R&D each year. We maximize engineering efforts to provide advanced, cost-effective, and productivity-focused solutions for automotive manufacturers.

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