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For your basic to mid-level applications, we’ve developed a full line of automation products designed with the right features, size and price to meet basic needs and ensure reliability. Click on a product category below to learn more.
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FX Series — Compact, Cost-Effective and Without Compromise

The world’s compact PLC of choice, our FX Series PLCs provide cost-effective control for low- to mid-level applications across a diverse range of industries. We’ve developed a complete family of distinct but compatible FX controllers to make sure you pay for only the control you need. The FX Series ranges from the FX3S controller for applications needing less than 30 I/O points to the FX3U, which can expand to 256 I/O points.


All FX PLCs provide flexible and easy-to-use control. With inputs, outputs, control CPU and power supply all integrated into one unit, they are both compact and easy to specify. The entire FX family also shares minimum setup needs, keeping programming time to a minimum. And, with open and Ethernet communication, analog, high-speed and positioning control options, the FX Series can adapt to almost any application—just one of the many reasons why we’ve sold more than 12 million units to customers worldwide.


From cutting metal to solar panel tracking, the FX Series has just the capabilities you need:

  • Maximum I/O: 30 – 256 points (w/CC-Link)
  • Digital I/O: Relay/Transistor/Triac
  • Max. Processing Speed: 0.55μs – 0.065μs
  • Memory: 2k steps – 64k steps


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D700 Series — The New Standard for Cost-Effective, Micro VFDs
Our D700 Series variable frequency drives offer a host of AC motor control features that are ideal for many of today’s applications including conveyors, industrial doors, lifts and many other open loop applications. Safety and maintenance are tightly integrated into the compact footprint of the D700 to provide users with embedded safety stop circuitry and maintenance free operation. Renowned for their reliability and history of delivering exceptional performance, the D700 is specified by the machine builders that require a cost–effective motor control solution.


D700 features include:

  • 100, 200, and 400 Voltage Classes (Single & 3 Phase)
  • Capacity from 1/8 to 10HP
  • 150% torque at 1Hz and 200% torque at 3Hz using general-purpose Magnetic Flux Vector Control
  • Optimum Excitation Control for increased energy savings when motor is not loaded
  • Frequency Search Function for catching a spinning load
  • Modbus RTU included as standard via the RJ45 port


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MR-MQ100 — Raising Performance, Simplifying Control

Our MR-MQ100 motion controller is the performance standard for single axis and 1.5 axis motion control. The updated design offers 2 analog I/Os, more digital I/Os and built-in Ethernet and serial ports, all standard. With powerful, intuitive software supporting Mechanical Support Language, creation of electronic clutches, gears and cams is as easy as drag-and-drop.


Simple, powerful motion control, the MR-MQ100 is the ideal motion controller for single axis and 1.5 axis needs:

  • Power Supply: 24VDC
  • Digital Inputs: 20 inputs (AI=2, AO=2)
  • Digital Outputs: 18 outputs
  • Peripheral Interface: 100Mbps, 10Mbps Ethernet
  • Operation Cycle: 0.44ms
  • CAM Functions: Up to 256 CAM profiles stored internally



MR-JE Series — High performance and easy to use

The Mitsubishi Electric MR-JE series of servo motors and amplifiers are reliable, easy to use, cost-effective choice for applications ranging from 100W to 3kW. Setup is fast and trouble free with guided configuration, easy to navigate parameter setting, and visual I/O monitoring windows. The MR-JE also delivers superior positioning performance with high resolution encoders 131,072 pulses/rev, high responsiveness with 2.0 KHz speed frequency response, and one-touch tuning allowing the user to maximize machine performance.


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GT10 Series – Small Terminal With Big Impact

Mitsubishi Electric’s entry level Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT), the GT10 Series’ HMIs are compact and affordable while offering a host of high-end functions. Terminals range in size from 3.7-inch monochrome panels to 5.7-inch full color display.


The GT1020 and GT1030 models are ideal for low-cost and small-size applications. These micro-GOTs offer impressive readability with a programmable LED display featuring 3-color backlight that quickly conveys equipment status.


For the best data visualization on a micro-display, select the GT1040/45 and GT1050/55 models. Both offer either a 16-shade monochrome or 256-color display in a matrix resistive type touch panel. Small but powerful, these HMIs offer 3MB of memory and come standard with a USB port and memory board compatibility.


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Circuit Breakers

WS-V Series Circuit Breakers—Solutions for any application

Our comprehensive portfolio of molded case circuit breakers offer a smarter design to meet your growing needs. With a wide selection of compact, cost-effective circuit breakers you can manage a wide array of voltages and current capacities while benefiting from overall higher performance.


  • WS-V Series circuit breakers feature:
  • New design that incorporates internal gas pressure as well as fault-generated electromagnetic force to deliver higher interrupt ratings and better repeat performance
  • Improved breaking capacity
  • Designed for both panel-builder and compact panel installations
  • Commonality across multiple frame sizes to reduce panel space and inventory expenses


S-N Series Contactors and Motor Starters—Smart and simple

Our complete line of UL- and CSA-approved motor controllers is perfect for applications up to 800A. The patented ‘CAN’ terminal design simplifies wiring while providing a very compact frame size. When used with our WS-V series circuit breakers you are afforded the best possible panel SCCR rating.


More options for low voltage switchgear

In addition to your circuit breakers and contactors, we have a complete line of low voltage switchgear products. Our comprehensive portfolio ensures you can meet any demand.


  • Molded case circuit breakers
  • Contactors and motor starters
  • Thermal overload relays
  • Motor starters
  • Contactor relays
  • Operating handles
  • Circuit protectors


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