GT10 Series – Small Terminal With Big Impact

Mitsubishi Electric’s entry level Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT), the GT10 Series’ HMIs are compact and affordable while offering a host of high-end functions. Terminals range in size from 3.7-inch monochrome panels to 5.7-inch full color display.


The GT1020 and GT1030 models are ideal for low-cost and small-size applications. These micro-GOTs offer impressive readability with a programmable LED display featuring 3-color backlight that quickly conveys equipment status.


For the best data visualization on a micro-display, select the GT1040/45 and GT1050/55 models. Both offer either a 16-shade monochrome or 256-color display in a matrix resistive type touch panel. Small but powerful, these HMIs offer 3MB of memory and come standard with a USB port and memory board compatibility.


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