FX Series — Compact, Cost-Effective and Without Compromise

The world’s compact PLC of choice, our FX Series PLCs provide cost-effective control for low- to mid-level applications across a diverse range of industries. We’ve developed a complete family of distinct but compatible FX controllers to make sure you pay for only the control you need. The FX Series ranges from the FX3S controller for applications needing less than 30 I/O points to the FX3U, which can expand to 256 I/O points.


All FX PLCs provide flexible and easy-to-use control. With inputs, outputs, control CPU and power supply all integrated into one unit, they are both compact and easy to specify. The entire FX family also shares minimum setup needs, keeping programming time to a minimum. And, with open and Ethernet communication, analog, high-speed and positioning control options, the FX Series can adapt to almost any application—just one of the many reasons why we’ve sold more than 12 million units to customers worldwide.


From cutting metal to solar panel tracking, the FX Series has just the capabilities you need:

  • Maximum I/O: 30 – 256 points (w/CC-Link)
  • Digital I/O: Relay/Transistor/Triac
  • Max. Processing Speed: 0.55μs – 0.065μs
  • Memory: 2k steps – 64k steps


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