Case Studies

ARL Service – Case Study

ARL Service Transitions from Mechanical to Digital and Achieves Flexibility and Opportunities

ARL Service wanted to replace their metal cams in a grinding machine with digital cams to alleviate downtime and save on costs. Mitsubishi Electric Automation and Shaltz Automation provided a flexible system with intuitive programming capabilities using PLCs, Servos, VFDs, and HMIs.

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TL Aerotek – Case Study

TL Aerotek Delivers Precision Components to Deliver Growth

When TL Aerotek was receiving more orders than they could keep up with, they turned to Mitsubishi Electric Automation for an automated machine tending solution. LoadMate Plus delivered easy programming and precision to reach new levels of productivity.

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Southie Autonomy – Case Study

Southie Autonomy Achieves Code-Free Task Changeover in Minutes

Southie Autonomy had a mission to make robotic solutions easy for everyone and turned to Mitsubishi Electric Automation for support. The solution provides customers with a robotic solution to achieve an efficient, affordable system for contract packaging.

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Strong Manufacturing – Case Study

Customer Requirements Lead the Way

Equipment manufacturer for mixing and pumping concrete and gypsum, Strong Manufacturing, developed an all-electric machine fit to meet specific building regulations with help from Womack Machine Supply’s hydraulic systems and Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s automation components.

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Balpack – Case Study

Intelligent Automation Means Productivity and Precision

Packaging machinery specialists, Balpack, were approached by a customer seeking an application to cap small bottles precisely and delicately. Balpack found programming expertise with HPE Automation and precision controls utilizing Mitsubishi Electric components.

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Integrated Production Systems (IPS) – Case Study

A Customer Had An Idea – and IPS Made It Happen

IPS Custom Automation was approached by a manufacturer who needed a new solution for producing anechoic foam. IPS turned to Womack Machine Supply for Mitsubishi Electric components to create a streamlined machine that combines all actions into a single device.

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Millennium Packaging – Case Study

Millennium Packaging Leans on Mitsubishi Electric Automation for Support through the Diamond Partner OEM Program

When Millennium Packaging Inc. saw an opportunity to create an affordable cartridge-filling machine, they turned to Affiliated Control Equipment Inc. and Mitsubishi Electric Automation to provide quality automation components and trusted support.

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Zayer Video

ZAYER and Mitsubishi Electric Bring New Machining Solutions to US Market

ZAYER’s advanced XIOS G 6-axis bed-type milling machine featuring Mitsubishi Electric’s M850 CNC platform delivers next-level cycle time performance, reliability, and ease of use, along with a human machine interface (HMI) that can be tailored to fit the customer’s needs.

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MHS – Case Study

Affordable Solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Provides Material Handling Systems Increased Performance and Safety with Overhead Cranes

When HPE Automation was challenged with finding an affordable solution that would provide safety and efficiency to overhead cranes, they turned to Mitsubishi Electric Automation. An affordable anti-sway technology using VFDs brought a surplus of business to the customer.

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Haley – Case Study

Haley Manufacturing Provides Automated and Robotic Solutions for the Agricultural Packaging Industry

In an industry that’s ripe for the benefits of automation, a new robotics system will help produce packagers lower their costs and increase volumes, while reducing reliance on hard-to-find labor.

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