Variable Frequency Drive Pump Control

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See how much energy our solution saves in fan and pump applications.

Industrial and commercial pump applications requiring maximum efficiency and lower harmonic content rely on higher switching frequencies provided by advanced power devices. As a leading provider of power semiconductors to drive manufacturers worldwide we have a unique perspective on what makes variable torque applications successful.

The FR-F800-E is a pump and fan control VFD that combines performance, accuracy, and reliability with embedded Ethernet-based communications to enhance overall system flexibility. With 100Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP and BACnet/IP connectivity as the standard, the FR-F800-E provides an increased ability for remote system monitoring, parameter adjustments, and easy integration into existing network environments.

Factory owners, machine manufacturers, and companies worldwide are looking for ways to improve their overall efficiency while reducing costs and maximizing savings. With a variable frequency drive pump, these outcomes are made possible. Automatic pump control provides a system that works with varying capacity levels to adjust energy consumption according to the load required at any given time. Variable frequency pumps are the latest innovation that offers numerous advantages beyond energy and cost savings alone. Because a variable drive pump responds to changing load conditions, you’ll notice less wear and tear on your unit, less maintenance required over the long run, and an improved lifespan.

An electric pump motor with variable frequency pumps will automatically adjust to changing conditions. However, should you wish to adjust settings, you can change or modify your unit with the Mitsubishi heat pump remote. Our heat pump remote control is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface, and is simple to program.

Variable frequency drive pump control ensures that you never have to worry about your system running at max capacity when loads are reduced. With automatic pump control of an electric pump motor, motor speed will always adjust to the load. You’ll never have to worry about an overage of electric usage again with a variable drive pump.

Variable frequency drive pump control always provides minimal electric usage for every application, no matter the load. And, with the Mitsubishi heat pump remote, you’re never without complete control to adjust settings as you see fit. Utilizing our heat pump remote control is just one more way you can ensure optimal working conditions and adjust usage to your specific requirements.

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