Industrial Robot Videos

Industrial Robots in Automotive Applications

Watch 6-axis Mitsubishi Electric robots in assembly, circular line tracking, and deburring applications. See demonstrations of force sensing, proximity deconfliction, collision detection, vision utilization, and coordinated motion.

Industrial Robots in Electronic Assembly Applications

Watch 2D and 3D vision-enabled force guidance for electronic assembly. Mitsubishi Electric 6-Axis robots are shown in coordinated motion, product assembly, and screwdriving applications. See demonstrations of 3D vision bin picking.

Industrial Robots in Food and Beverage Applications

Take a look inside food packaging facilities as a robot quickly and accurately moves food products like cheeses, dough, pancakes, and rice cakes.

Industrial Robots in Material Handling Applications

Accurate and fast case packing is essential for any material handling process. Take a look at a Mitsubishi Electric robot moving goods to be packaged for shipment.

Industrial Robots in Packaging Applications

Watch as a SCARA robot, with specialized end-of-arm tooling, moves product in a packaging facility. SCARA robots can be used for all sorts of packaging applications, including quickly putting caps on bottled goods.

Industrial Robots in Pharmaceutical Applications

SCARA robots are commonly used in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. See how robots are used to assist in medical testing.

Industrial Robots in Quality Control Applications

Watch 6-axis robots used in a variety of tasks associated with quality control.

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