Fan And Pump Control


The move to Smart Buildings is well underway, and building managers worldwide are looking for energy-efficient solutions that are reliable, self-diagnostic, and communicative to provide maximum comfort at a minimal cost.

Network-enabled VFDs such as a VFD HVAC compressor offer an efficient and effective alternative to traditional mechanical damper systems. Since building systems are sized for peak load conditions, pump and fan motors use more energy than necessary during most operating hours. Variable frequency drives and variable speed compressors use energy as demand increases, and only in the required amounts.

Additionally, using VFDs in air handlers, pumps, chillers, and tower fans saves energy and reduces motor starting current and thermal and mechanical stresses on motors and belts during starts. This means less maintenance, a higher power factor, and lower kVA. Utilizing variable speed compressors also means total optimization of energy efficiency and performance that provides premium comfort for less. Most importantly, VFD packaging must be environmentally robust to survive wide temperature swings and variable installation conditions.

For a complete range of commercial fan & pump control solutions, from air handling to cooling towers, chillers, or industrial pumps, Mitsubishi Electric has the best fit for your application.

Our VFD HVAC compressor applications are the best in the industry and fit seamlessly with our unique offerings. Simplify the design process and take the guesswork out of the interoperability between drives and compressors with PowerGate matched offerings. Standardizing on the flexible FR-F800 Series platform of inverters, we paired our most adaptable solution to flawlessly operate several commercial fan & pump components, including rotary and scroll type compressors, out of the box. Our paired solutions have gone through an exhaustive battery of testing, validation, and benchmarking, so you don’t have to re-engineer the wheel all over again. Leverage our industry experience to reduce your time to market while decreasing your engineering time and effort.