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The ‘Slimline’ enclosure is ideal for mounting in areas where space is limited. PowerGate ‘H’ Series is fully compatible with earlier generations of Mitsubishi Electric controllers and offers significant product advantages that allow it to meet the requirements of the most demanding environments.
PowerGate commercial fan controls are just one example of how Mitsubishi Electric provides automated building control solutions. You need clean power, lower energy use, and quiet operation in even the toughest environments. With the Mitsubishi electric controller, you get all of that and more.

Our VFD HVAC compressor offers the best in temperature control, energy conservation, and data feedback allowing you to cut costs, reduce energy use, and optimize your environment. A variable frequency drive HVAC flawlessly controls motor ramp-up and ramp-down, improves system efficiency, matches torque power to process requirements, improves working environments, lowers noise levels, and reduces mechanical stress. VFD HVAC is the best solution to your ever-changing needs and, at Mitsubishi Electric, is one of our prized building automation solutions.

The modern VFD HVAC compressor seamlessly integrates with networking and diagnostic capabilities. With the Mitsubishi Electric controller, you’ll have all the data necessary to manage performance and increase productivity thanks to intelligent motor control and reduction of current-peaks. By integrating the variable frequency drive HVAC into your suite of automated building control solutions, you’ll be poised to improve functionality and performance while lengthening the life of your unit and reducing overall lifetime costs to run and maintain it.

Whether your need is for low-performance applications including pumps and fans, or high-performance applications, the variable frequency compressor is the right tool for the job. Using the right inverters for HVAC needs is essential when accounting for a broad range of cooling demands. The benefit of a variable frequency compressor as opposed to fixed speed alternatives comes in the ability of the HVAC VFD to adjust to varying building loads. By using an HVAC variable frequency drive, you’ll be able to lower total cost of ownership, reduce your energy loads, and prolong the life of your unit.

The VFD HVAC system offers optimal performance while lowering the total cost of energy usage and the wear and tear on your unit. The right HVAC drive will also help your business achieve increasingly stringent energy efficiency initiatives. Thanks to the unique ability of the VFD HVAC system, only the amount of power needed to cool or heat a building or room is used at any point in time. Because of this feature, the HVAC variable frequency drive is a vast improvement from conventional building HVAC operations that keep fans and pumps running at a constant speed, regardless of building loads.

HVAC VFD is an effective and energy-efficient alternative to conventional cooling operations. As demand increases, the HVAC-drive will increase the power used. Conversely, as demand and load decreases, you’ll notice a decrease in energy consumed as the HVAC-drive matches changing needs.

Optimal AC drives for HVAC needs should be dependable, reliable, easy to use, offer ease of integration and installation, and maintain performance over years of constant use. With VFD inverters for HVAC, you’ll get all of this and more. The VFD HVAC drive offers outstanding performance no matter the environment.

VFDs also work exceptionally well for electric motor driven pump applications. Along with HVAC units, standard pump and fan motors use more energy than needed during the majority of operating hours. Electric motor driven pump applications are programmed to run at peak capacity unless, as with a VFD, they use the amount of energy needed as demand increases or decreases.

As one of the leading building automation companies, Mitsubishi Electric prides itself on requiring stringent demands of our ac drives for HVAC systems. A single drive for HVAC compressor must be able to reduce the motor starting current, reduce thermal stress, and lower mechanical stress during starts. When achieved, you’ll notice an overall reduction in energy usage coupled with a higher power factor that results in increased operational savings for your company.

Proud to be one of the leading building automation companies worldwide, we are dedicated to innovative solutions such as the VFD drive for HVAC compressor to help your company grow to its full potential. VFD HVAC is just one of Mitsubishi Electric’s building automation solutions that are designed to help you build a bigger, better, smarter company for a brighter future. Stay on the cutting edge of your industry by integrating your automation needs from the business office to the shop floor and beyond.

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We are among the top automation suppliers globally, offering manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators the most advanced and reliable automation solutions for improving performance, lowering total cost of ownership, and enhancing competitiveness. We offer a complete product portfolio from controllers and visualization solutions, drives and motion control, to robotics, allowing us to create uniquely innovative and integrated solutions on one platform for highest quality performance.

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