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Industrial Robot Application Guides

Mitsubishi Electric Solutions: Case Packing

Case packing machines are designed to increase productivity, while time and cost for labor decrease when the manufacturer prepares for distribution. A versatile, high-speed, and rapid-changeover machine is the demanding trend for the packaging industry. Mitsubishi Electric offers an advanced solution to adapt state-of-the-art technology that improves OEE, from high performance servos to robotic integration.

Mitsubishi Electric Solutions: Palletizing

Palletizers are usually the final link between product cartoning and shipment. An effective palletizer is required to maximize the efficiencies of upstreamed systems. The iQ-F Series compact PLC controls the palletizing robot, as well as the servo amplifier or variable frequency drive that is moving the conveyor. This creates an efficient solution to move packaged goods to a pallet and adjust for short production runs with fast changeovers. Real-time status and diagnostics are displayed on the user-friendly GT21 Series HMI, which is also monitored remotely.

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