Integrated Robotics

Integrated Robotics Improve Machine Performance, Demand Response, and Competitiveness

Logistics and Material Flows Simplified White Paper, Factory Automation

Humans, machines, and robots working in harmony.

Robotic growth in the packaging industry has tripled in the last five years, and OEMs and end users alike are reaping the benefits of automated technology. Integrating robotics with your machine designs has been shown to result in improved OEE, schedule coordination, seamless production, and faster changeovers.

OEMs with an eye to the future are adopting integrated robotics aggressively. Stay informed about:

  1. Advancements in robotics technology
  2. The adoption of robotics in packaging
  3. The case for integrated robotics
  4. Opportunities for OEMs who adopt robotics
  5. Robotic advancements in accuracy and handling

At Mitsubishi Electric, we’ve been designing and using robotics for years. Download our free whitepaper, Integrated Robotics Improve Machine Performance, Demand Response and Competitiveness, to learn more about this intriguing area of evolution in factory automation.


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