Automation Solutions

LoadMate Plus

With production demands higher and good machine operators getting harder and harder to find, the time is now to bring robotic machine tending to your facility. Adding robots will allow you to keep existing machines running, and add hours to available production time.

LoadMate Plus is ideal for job shops and larger scale production environments who wish to automate any low-to-high volume application. It can be easily integrated into your environment. Configurable and flexible, LoadMate Plus is designed to be easily integrated with any machine tool.

LoadMate Plus arrives as a fully-assembled cell that’s ready to go. Simply wheel it over to your machine, mount it on the machine or to the floor and connect it to your CNC controller. If your machine has a Mitsubishi Electric M8 CNC controller, it has Direct Robot Control (DRC) for quick Ethernet connection. Other CNC models can be connected via standard I/O. Then, start using it. If production needs change, the LoadMate Plus can be moved to other machines.