Mitsubishi Electric’s CNCs give your machining center the control and finish you want on your workpiece. Keeping your equipment up-to-date and allowing you to be more competitive.

Equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s first-ever CNC-dedicated CPU, the long-awaited M800/M80 Series is the fruit of an original development process and the sum of our latest technologies to increase production speed AND maintain superior tolerance on your machining center. The high-grade CNC M800W Series delivers the highest block look-ahead in the CNC market, making it an ideal where High Speed, High Accuracy applications are required along with large memory capacity (Up to 64Gb with the addition of 2 SD memory cards) and data server.

The M800W Series delivers great accuracy capable of providing precision at the nano-unit level. Paired with advanced options that come standard, such as Tool Center Point Control (G43.4) and Inclined Surface Machining (G68.2), your machining center may be used at its highest potential without the need of a true 5-axis application.

We have also dedicated our HMIs to be user-friendly. Familiarizing an operator or programmer has never been easier with tools such as the conversational NAVI MILL and Interactive Cycle Insertion (ICI) along with standard G-code with DXF importing capabilities. The intuitive touch screen (standard on 10.4” and above) add to the ease-of-use along with the ability to let the user customize the screens and user-defined keys on the operation panel.’

Supported by factory trained service engineers located throughout North America, Mitsubishi Electric Automation are dedicated to keeping your system running. Should you need additional support, you can count on our training and applications engineers along with our wealth of online resources and educational materials.