Service Agreements

Your machine tool is your company’s lifeline to revenue. Unplanned downtime can incur a large, unexpected expense. Benefit from both maximum uptime and predictable service costs by choosing the right coverage for you – ranging from one that covers parts only to one that includes unlimited service calls.

Our service agreements are designed to put your mind at ease. We can work with you to develop a maintenance program that addresses your plant’s capabilities and budget, lowering the overall cost of ownership for your machine.

Machine Tuning

Mitsubishi Electric’s Machine Tuning service can reduce motion disturbance – like mechanical and electronic resonance – and improve cycle times. We accomplish this by fine-tuning the motor to the ideal speed that reduces vibration, shock and provides optimum machining tolerance. In turn, the faster the axes can respond to speed changes in the part program, the shorter your overall cycle time can become.

Servo/spindle parameter standard values allow a machine to operate in a general range of conditions; however, your machine or job requirements may be different. Perhaps you have a heavy part, added a part tombstone, or changed the chuck size. Through tuning, we can optimize your machine to your exact cutting conditions and help maximize its potential.

CNC Preventative Maintenance

Your CNC machine is critical to your operations. Production lost during unplanned downtime can be the biggest cost of a failure. Proactive preventative maintenance lowers your total cost of ownership and saves you money in the long run.

With regular, proper service and maintenance from Mitsubishi Electric experts, you can avoid premature failure and costly, unplanned downtime. We scan for potential causes of future failures and confirm all voltages are within specified tolerances. We change batteries and fans, verify safety circuits and report on current feedback to determine possible mechanical issues. We can add this service to our on-site visit or plan a scheduled maintenance call at a time that makes sense for your production schedule.


Human error and electronic failures can cause data in a machine tool or CNC control to be lost forever. Too often, this results in downtime and unnecessary expenses in troubleshooting support. Having a backup can save hours of downtime and eliminate the need to manually retype data into your machine. Backing up machines in advance of catastrophic, unplanned, or planned downtime gives our customers the opportunity to readily and more efficiently get back up and running.

CloudCNC® is a service that offers you a complete backup of your machine’s data, available to you from our servers, 24/7. By purchasing CloudCNC, you can have all pertinent CNC files backed up by a factory-trained Mitsubishi Electric service engineer who is an expert on the control in your machine.