TURNING FUNCTIONSThe Speed, Precision and Coordination You Demand.

When it comes to turning, cutting and grinding metals, Mitsubishi Electric’s CNCs have the advanced capabilities to turn workpieces of all sizes.

The M80 Series is ideal for lathe systems. Its compact size requires less wiring yet provides greater versatility. It supports multi-axis machine tool control, and the number of control axes has been enhanced: up to 9 NC axes, 4 spindle axes, and 6 PLC axes.

The M80 Series comes with NAVI LATHE. This simple programming system lets you easily create programs for each process. Just select the machining process and input data on the NAVI LATHE screen. Whether you need to turn, copy, groove or thread, the easy-to-read interface clearly displays the tool path or machining shape you want.