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As manufacturing and logistics operations become increasingly integrated, automation technologies are adapting to create improvements in throughput, efficiency, and cost. Mitsubishi Electric provides a complete portfolio of smart automation innovations on a common platform to assist you with your material movement needs to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions for automated material handling processes. Our innovations range from anti-sway technology in our drives to machine learning to Industry 4.0 integration.

Automated Material Handling Solutions


Whether manufacturing conveying equipment, cranes, and hoists, or developing completely automated material handling and warehousing systems, Mitsubishi Electric provides the technology necessary for the best results.
As a leader among material handling automation companies, Mitsubishi Electric provides customized solutions to fit your unique needs. Whether you need a complete materials handling system, are looking for a conveyor automation systems manufacturer, or need to upgrade your warehouse execution systems, we can provide the machines that will perfectly complement your industry, current production level, and future projected output range.


Because automated material handling systems are a significant investment, informative resources for your research are available on our site free of charge. Get a better understanding of the potential solutions for your challenges with leading products from Mitsubishi Electric, a world leader in innovative automation products. Resources will be regularly added as they become available, from white papers and blog posts to application guides and videos.

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