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Get access to our library of authoritative pieces on automated material handling, and explore resources that discuss strategic implementation and technology. Instead of being “product pushes”, our white papers give readers an understanding of the topic at hand, and provide insight into issues that professionals face, trends, and other relevant information. The end goal is for these pieces to be a useful resource in automated material handling.

Automation Products

Mitsubishi Electric’s full portfolio of automation products improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of machines, while decreasing energy use, providing accurate and reliable power for material transport in any condition. Our smart technologies provide compensation for vibration and mechanical wear, while providing the latest in PLC processing technology and information management for complex routing, sorting, and logistics management. How can logistics automation help your company? It’s no secret that demand for products has been rising with the advent of the internet and Industry 4.0. With total connection, consumer expectation of shorter turnaround times and better, more advanced products, and the need to reduce expense while simultaneously increasing output, finding solutions that provide cutting-edge logistics automation is a must.

With logistics and supply chain automation firmly in place at your company, you’ll experience an increase in your profit margin, move more volume than previously, and increase your customer base thanks to an increased ability to serve more people in less time with lower costs. Sorting, picking, scanning, inventory management, and moving goods is easier than ever with our portfolio of supply chain automation solutions, tailored to meet your needs and help your company grow.

Supply chain automation provides you with the ability to decrease the amount of manual labor required for your company while simultaneously increasing overall efficiency, productivity, and accuracy from start to finish. You’ll boost production while decreasing expense when applying automation solutions to multiple facets of your business from order fulfillment and inventory updates to picking and packing, assembly of high-volume orders, and delivery. Scale higher, increase your profit margin, and boost your company’s reputation when you apply our full line of automation solutions.

Learn more about our portfolio of automation products, from controllers and industrial PCs to servos and drives.

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