Material Handling Solutions

Automated Material Handling Solutions


Whether it be for manufacturing processes, moving primary materials, finished goods, or work in process, conveyor systems need to move, sort, and position products accurately, in a way that is both repeatable and safe. This is where the latest innovations in automated material handling systems become vitally important for warehouse automation companies.

Utilizing increasingly smaller and robust on-machine components, Mitsubishi Electric’s material handling solutions improve energy utilization and space efficiency for modular conveyor systems in both primary and secondary processes, allowing OEMs to mount controls directly on the conveyor without the need for cabinets. Innovative automation conveyor systems controllers feature quick connect cabling and IP67 rating for mounting without a cabinet, and many network options to fit most applications for your automated material handling and storage systems requirements.


Sorting disparate sized packages requires high-speed networking to databases, fast response in servomechanisms, and highly tuned controls to ensure diverter trays and conveyors are well coordinated. Today’s postal, freight, and warehouse e-commerce systems are rapidly changing the requirements for servo, VFD, and PLC technologies. As new industrial material handling equipment communication technologies emerge to interact with cloud-based inventory and sortation algorithms, the iQ-R series controllers have evolved to provide the utmost in response and data integration for automated material handling systems. Moreover, smaller parcels and next day deliveries have forced many companies to rethink sortation models and automatic material handling systems in order to reduce labor costs, freight costs, and damage rates.

Automated fulfillment centers now require on-site sortation and rapid fill rates that require highly responsive controls and automated pick and pack operations including automation conveyor systems. Mitsubishi Electric provides the material handling solutions necessary to handle these tasks.

Automated Storage &Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

High-speed PLC communications to host pick and place systems are a must for warehouse automation companies, and so is highly responsive and reliable drive technology. Because ASRS systems must accelerate to maximum speeds under varying load conditions, we designed the MR-J4 amplifier with advanced real-time auto-tuning technology. It automatically senses load changes and can alter PID gains accordingly. No matter the load characteristic, you can attain maximum performance when you utilize the MR-J4 automated material handling equipment. Vibration compensation allows for running during degrading conditions and for predictive maintenance when limits are sensed by the automated materials handling system. When a common DC bus is required, our FR series drives integrate with our FR-XC series converters to provide a full automated materials handling system, complete with regenerative power and harmonic suppression.


Whether moving bins, raw materials for part transfer, or finished goods packing, palletizing or picking for shipments, Mitsubishi Electric has a range of articulated arm robots that can accommodate payload and response characteristics to suit any application need. This robotic material handling solution offers environmentally robust ratings, and a range of offerings for easy selection.
Even more importantly, integrated material handling and controls with the iQ-R and iQ-F Series of PLC programming software allows robot instructions to reside within the PLC program that controls infeed and outfeed materials, or provides stand-alone robot controller instructions.

Material handling and controls communications over Ethernet to line controllers or cell control systems provide optimum configurability for automated material handling solutions in manufacturing processes or in logistics operations.

Palletizers and Stackers

Whether optimizing stacker placements or maximizing palletizing systems throughput, Mitsubishi Electric automated material handling equipment controls the complex movements of servos and robots to improve demand response while mitigating load shifts and improving height and reach, creating an intuitive material handling solution.
The iQ-F Series compact PLC controls the palletizing robot, as well as the servo amplifier or variable frequency drive that is moving the conveyor, improving cycle times, changeovers, and reducing footprint. Real-time status and diagnostics for palletizing systems can be displayed on the GT21 Series HMI, or monitored remotely for optimal use in warehouse automation companies.


Safety and efficiency are critical in both industrial and commercial crane operations. Mitsubishi Electric has patented unique anti-sway and load based speed control algorithms in the FR-A800-CRN VFD to ensure stability and predictability of load movements in both overhead and gantry cranes.

Paired with iQ-F Series controllers and GOT HMI, the VFD delivers precise control interfaced with operator and/or computer-based commands for faster load and unload operations.

Anti-vibration and continuous auto-tuning stacker cranes provide highly reliable performance with adjustable tolerances to mitigate faults and offer predictive maintenance functions, creating a robotic material handling solution for crane applications.


Light trolley or manually operated hoists require the same anti-sway safety features of larger stacker crane material handling solutions. Features such as safe torque, load sensing, and quick brake settings ensure safety for the operator and reliable load control. The Mitsubishi Electric FR-A800-CRN VFD supplies these industrial material handling equipment features and easy connectivity to PLC or radio frequency command systems.

Paired with iQ-F Series automatic material handling system controllers and GOT HMI, the VFD delivers precise control interfaced with operator and/or computer-based commands for faster load and unload operations.

Anti-vibration and continuous auto-tuning provide exceptionally reliable performance with adjustable tolerances to mitigate faults and offer predictive maintenance functions for the life of your automated material handling and storage systems.

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