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5 Smart Machine Trends in Material Handling You Need to Know

How do OEMs use smart machines to ensure higher levels of value to their customers, while navigating more complex technology requirements?
The last 10 years have brought about dramatic advances in technologies that OEMs had never realized would affect their designs or the sellability of their machines, much less impact business models and profits so dramatically. How do OEMs respond with Smarter Machines to ensure higher levels of value to their customers while navigating more complex technology requirements? Five smart machine trends have been identified in this material handling white paper.

Improve Material Handling Controls With Integrated Robotics

Forecasts indicate that the influx of robotic installations across various industries, including transportation and electrical equipment, will spur significant growth in industrial robotics over the next decade. By 2030, robots should be able to handle 30 to 40% of automatable tasks in these industries.

In the material handling industry specifically, e-commerce demands in consumer packaged goods industries are driving increasing complexity in packaging and logistics, both in design and in production. Manufacturers struggle to accommodate multiple sizes of packages, reduce labor costs, and run efficiently for shorter production runs. Learn more about the increasing integration of robots in this material handling white paper.

Innovative Predictive Maintenance
Capabilities for Material Handling

The convergence and adoption of IT technologies with automation systems have produced a number of innovations for OEMs to lower their total cost to deploy, as well as service their fleets. As more and more manufacturing lines are integrated from front to back end, machines are linked together to form a digitized value chain with visibility to every aspect of machine performance, operator effectiveness, and production throughput and quality. This, in turn with AI innovations, allows accurate predictions of maintenance needs to arise from the very machines that need it.
Discover more about innovative predictive maintenance capabilities in this material handling white paper.

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