Of if the labeling is aesthetically poor, your brand loses value no matter how great your product is. During the labeling process, warping and tearing will occur if bottles are not fed at a constant rate. In addition, labeling requirements can change, sometimes requiring cold glue, sometimes hot glue, and sometimes shrinkwrap. It is imperative that your machine’s control architecture can support variances while retaining its consistency and productivity.

Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ-R Series safeguards against label warping and tearing, by guaranteeing that they are affixed accurately. The iQ-R Series controls rotary drums, feed roller brakes, and bottle sensors, all with simple ladder logic programming, while maintaining the high speeds your machine needs to preserve productivity. Upstream communication to MES systems is just as easy with built-in Ethernet communications.

Through the high-speed iQ-R Series bus connection, the GOT2000 Series HMI give you high-res, touch screen enabled displays. This allows you to easily work on controls monitoring, debugging, and label parameter profile changes and pre-configured diagnostics.

Less complex applications necessitating interpolation and servo monitoring can instead depend on iQ-F products. The iQ-F Series is Mitsubishi Electric’s compact PLC and features easy system integration. With the FX5U controller, you gain synchronous control of four axes, as well as hassle-free maintenance and reduced cost of ownership.
All iQ family controllers seamlessly connect to the MR-J4 servo family, giving you unmatched performance and ease of use, including vibration compensation and one-touch auto-tuning.

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