Water & Wastewater


Water Resource Management

The water industry requires rock-solid reliability in all operating conditions to maintain the safety of the supply and to protect the environment. Many treatment systems in the U.S. are decades old and have had little-to-no upgrades since their initial installation. There is no better time to transition to more automated and data-driven operations.

Digitally connected water utilities enabled by Mitsubishi Electric make that possible. Tapping into operational data is the first step. Our automation software seamlessly integrates high-performance SCADA systems with a broad lineup of reliable and energy-efficient inverters, controllers and power monitoring equipment. These flexible, future-proof systems deliver cutting-edge insights in the field and upstream to optimize water resource management.

Water Treatment and Distribution

Pumping consumes more than 90 percent of the energy used to produce and deliver drinking water, making water facilities the largest line item on many municipal budgets. Advanced control and management is key to ensuring an affordable and uninterrupted water supply. Mitsubishi Electric works with public water systems across the country and around the world to modernize operations and minimize costs.
water treatment and distribution

  • Intake flow rate control
  • Screen control
  • Pumping control
  • Filtering flow rate
  • Alkali builder injection control
  • Chlorine density injection control
  • Distribution delivery pressure control
  • Distribution flow rate control

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is also an energy-intensive process. Mitsubishi Electric wastewater treatment solutions optimize and maintain the uninterrupted flow of operations while improving efficiency in every area, from labor hours to energy savings.
water treatment and distribution

  • Pump stations
  • Aeration ratio/Dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Return sludge
  • Charge/Pull-out sludge
  • Chlorine injection
  • Coagulant injection


Delivering water from its source to agricultural end-users is a complex challenge that can involve tremendous distances. Mitsubishi Electric Automation irrigation solutions distribute water in the correct quantities, with minimal loss, where and when it is needed.

Downstream Productivity and Efficiency

In large-scale agriculture, automation can have a huge impact on water, energy and labor conservation. Our irrigation solutions enable automatic monitoring and control of remote valves during ideal night conditions to save water, energy and manpower.

Solution Synergy

Mitsubishi Electric offers one-stop automation solutions with future-proof expandability. Our proprietary technologies let you craft the ideal solution for irrigation projects of any scale, from automating dam control to optimizing vineyard irrigation.

water treatment and distribution

System Configuration

Success Stories Case Studies

We are among the top automation suppliers globally, offering manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators the most advanced and reliable automation solutions for improving performance, lowering total cost of ownership, and enhancing competitiveness. We offer a complete product portfolio from controllers and visualization solutions, drives and motion control, to robotics, allowing us to create uniquely innovative and integrated solutions on one platform for highest quality performance.

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