Control for Optimal Milling

Mitsubishi Electric's CNCs give you the control you want so the workpiece and tool move with precision along their respective axes.
Equipped with Mitsubishi Electric's first-ever CNC-dedicated CPU, the long-awaited M800/M80 Series is the fruit of an original development process and the sum of our latest technologies. The high-grade CNC M800W Series delivers Super Smooth Surface (SSS) Control. SSS flexibly supports various compound machining, including multipart system/multi-axis machining centers, milling and hobbing. Mitsubishi Electric provides the control necessary for high-performance milling.

The M800W Series has greater precision because interpolations at the nano-unit level allow for greater milling accuracy. This function converts commands programmed for the orthogonal coordinate axes into linear axis movements and rotary axis movements to control the contours. This enables milling operations using a lathe without a Y axis.

We're also dedicated to easy-to-use HMIs that give machining centers greater visibility. NAVI MILL, the user-friendly programming function for PCs, is standard with our M8 Series CNCs. You can input any type of shape for contour cutting, turning and copying on the screen. And its intuitive interface lets you easily create programs from three to five axis machining centers.