Machine Utilization

Machine Utilization

machine utilization chartSmart machines re-configure automatically, saving you valuable time and money. Evaluating your machines’ Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) will identify areas to improve performance. We provide automation controls to keep machines moving and adjusting with efficiency and precision.

Determining your packaging machine OEE is vital to the short and long-term outlook of your return on investment, profit margin, company performance, turnaround time, and availability for customer orders. Calculating your overall packaging machine OEE is also critical when measuring the effectiveness of individual packaging machines and the efficiency of your packaging processes. By assessing OEE data, you’ll pinpoint areas of lessened effectiveness so you can cut unplanned downtime, keep your equipment running at maximum speed, and reduce final product defects. Packaging machine OEE will help you boost the availability and performance of your machines all while increasing turnaround time and quality of your final product. Taking time to analyze your machine’s effectiveness will save money, boost production, aid your operators in maximizing their time on the floor, and increase your output. Measuring data isn’t a one-time process. By analyzing data over time, you will be able to highlight areas of chronic machine inefficiency so specific cost and timesaving improvements can be made.

To improve machine utilization, Mitsubishi Electric controls offer the maximum versatility in information and motion processing while integrating with robotics and MES systems.

With ever-changing production needs, your machines should be able to accommodate them at any moment. Mitsubishi Electric’s range of solutions ensure your machines can always adjust to demand.

From process to packaging, discrete manufacturing and infrastructure projects, the Mitsubishi Electric portfolio of control, motion, drives, and robotics provides ultra-reliable operations and predictive diagnostics to ensure no lost production.

With Mitsubishi Electric controls, you’ll experience reduced programming time and shortened setup time, leading to improved overall production capabilities. With seamless information and motion processing, real-time data, and instant adjustments to account for demand, your machines will function at optimal ranges. Improved functioning accounts for lengthening the lifespan of your machines, requiring less maintenance, and an overall reduction in total production cost.

Thanks to the dynamic versatility, efficiency, and precision built into the machines, you’ll experience a drastic reduction in machine downtime, an increase in equipment effectiveness, reduced labor costs, and improved energy savings. Advanced simulation tools, drag and drop system configuration, and screen element programming works together to provide a flawless and intuitive programming system for your machine operators.

Reduce time-consuming setup that eats into production hours, and keep your machines humming. Boost your production time and reduce machine downtime without sacrificing the precision and efficiency of your machine or the safety of your machine operators. There’s no more need for lost time stopping and starting your machines, lengthy production run setups, or losing out on time and speed due to unknown variables during production. With Mitsubishi Electric, you’ll receive the best-in-class machine utilization solutions for all your factory production needs.

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