Metal, Paper, Converting

Metals, Paper, Converting

Improving closed loop response

Paper and Pulp MillWeb process systems require precise integration of speed, torque, and position loops found in sophisticated drive systems. Maintaining web tension is critical to product quality, throughput, and maintainability. Utilizing specially designed algorithms for winder dynamics and roll-to-roll behavior matching, Mitsubishi Electric VFDs provide intelligence within the drive to mitigate cumbersome PLC programming and specialized code generation. With built-in dancer control and tuning functions, diameter, inertia and mechanical loss compensation, and automatic tuning, the FR-A800 family of inverters make system design much more efficient.

Running drive systems requires interchange between drives, PLCs, and supervisory systems.

Ethernet connectivity enables precise and timely communications between the drives and the PLC control, and provides critical real time information to supervisory software systems to ensure highly reliable and precise control.

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