A Perfect Combination of Form,
Function and Flexibility
Automation products that deliver advanced features with maximum versatility and a small footprint are perfect for meeting your diverse needs for mid-level applications. Click on a product category below to learn more.
HMI PLC Servo Circuit Breakers VFD System Diagram
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L Series — Stand-Alone or Networked, It’s the Perfect Fit

Little in size but large on performance and flexibility, our L Series pushes the limits of what is expected of a mid-range PLC. It starts with a single-CPU architecture that includes built-in Ethernet and Mini-USB interfaces, a SD/SDHC memory card slot for program storage and data logging, and 24 I/O for positioning and high-speed counter functions. From there, you tailor the L Series to your needs. With a rack free design, you can add on extension I/Os and intelligent function modules as you need them. And with an enhanced CPU that incorporates CC-Link, you can create a powerful open-field network as your needs expand.


The compact size, easy expandability, networking capabilities, and powerful built-in functionalities of the L Series make it an ideal solution for stand-alone applications as well as larger, networked operations:


  • Controllable I/O: 16 – 1024 points
  • All-in-one CPU with built-in Ethernet
  • Up to 260k step memory
  • Processing speeds as low as 9.5ns per instruction


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E700 Series—More Options, More Possibilities

Our E700 Series variable frequency drives deliver performance and efficiency across a multitude of standalone and distributed AC motor controlled applications. The E700 Series is designed for the most demanding of applications including those that are highly repetitive like palletizers, diverters, and others that require accuracy and responsiveness. Using many of the advanced control features offered by the E700, users can optimize motor performance in ways that are unmatched in today’s micro drives. Option card expansion and increased flexibility make E700 Series ideal for many machine builders but long term reliability make the E700 ideal for any end user facility.


E700 features include:

  • 100, 200 and 400Voltage Classes (Single & 3 Phase)
  • Capacities from 1/8 up to 20HP and includes built-in brake chopper
  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control for improved starting torque and smooth low speed operation
  • Standard RS485 serial communications supporting Modbus RTU
  • Sink/source selectable I/O
  • Network Card options


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GT14 Series—Redefining the Mid-Range HMI

Though small in size and price, the GT14 Series packs big features into its 5.7-inch touch-screen display. Visuals include QVGA resolution incorporating either 65,536 colors or 16 gray scales that support advanced recipe and alarm monitoring/display. Processing power and storage has been increased to 9MB of built-in memory with USB and SD card ports supplementing the unit’s data logging and PLC backup/restore functions. Enhanced communication includes embedded Ethernet as well as serial communication ports for RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.


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LD77MS — Add More Control to Your Mid-Range Applications

An integral part of our L Series suite for mid-range applications, the LD77MS motion controllers provide the added capabilities you need for superior positioning, speed, cam and synchronous control. The LD77MS modules range from 2 axes to 16 axes of control, featuring the same, simple parameter settings and sequence programming no matter your need.


4 Servo System — More Precise, More Responsive

Now available for mid-range industry applications, our industry-leading J4 Servo System ensures the highest levels of precision, response and ease-of-use. With a capacity range of 50W to 22kW, both the amplifier and motor size is reduced. It also features a high resolution encoder for improved positioning accuracy, and we’ve increased speed frequency to 2500Hz, significantly reducing settling time. Dynamic vibration suppression and other advanced functions, such as one-touch auto-tuning, provide the highest levels of machine safety and durability for an optimal experience.


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Circuit Breakers

WS-V Series Circuit Breakers—Solutions for any application

Our comprehensive portfolio of molded case circuit breakers offer a smarter design to meet your growing needs. With a wide selection of compact, cost-effective circuit breakers you can manage a wide array of voltages and current capacities while benefiting from overall higher performance.


WS-V Series circuit breakers feature:

  • New design that incorporates internal gas pressure as well as fault-generated electromagnetic force to deliver higher interrupt ratings and better repeat performance
  • Improved breaking capacity
  • Designed for both panel-builder and compact panel installations
  • Commonality across multiple frame sizes to reduce panel space and inventory expenses


S-N Series Contactors and Motor Starters—Smart and simple

Our complete line of UL- and CSA-approved motor controllers is perfect for applications up to 800A. The patented ‘CAN’ terminal design simplifies wiring while providing a very compact frame size. When used with our WS-V series circuit breakers you are afforded the best possible panel SCCR rating.


More options for low voltage switchgear

In addition to your circuit breakers and contactors, we have a complete line of low voltage switchgear products. Our comprehensive portfolio ensures you can meet any demand.


  • Molded case circuit breakers
  • Contactors and motor starters
  • Thermal overload relays
  • Motor starters
  • Contactor relays
  • Operating handles
  • Circuit protectors


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M700V Series—More Tools to Meet Machining Challenges

Our M700V Series CNC’s deliver high-productivity and high-accuracy to support a variety of mid- to large-scale machining applications. The M700V integrates CNC controls and a PC-based display in a single unit or a standalone version with panel mount display. Easy to use, it still provides the high-level functionality necessary for competitive manufacturing:


  • Nano-control technology controls everything from the CNC’s operations to servo processing with a least-command increment of 1nm
  • Five-axis machining provides a smoother finish while reducing machining time by 5-30%
  • Support for 2-part systems and up to 16 axes of control for machining center or 4 part systems and up to 16 axes for lathe applications
  • Powerful programming tools to support a higher level of customization