L Series — Stand-Alone or Networked, It’s the Perfect Fit

Little in size but large on performance and flexibility, our L Series pushes the limits of what is expected of a mid-range PLC. It starts with a single-CPU architecture that includes built-in Ethernet and Mini-USB interfaces, a SD/SDHC memory card slot for program storage and data logging, and 24 I/O for positioning and high-speed counter functions. From there, you tailor the L Series to your needs. With a rack free design, you can add on extension I/Os and intelligent function modules as you need them. And with an enhanced CPU that incorporates CC-Link, you can create a powerful open-field network as your needs expand.


The compact size, easy expandability, networking capabilities, and powerful built-in functionalities of the L Series make it an ideal solution for stand-alone applications as well as larger, networked operations:


  • Controllable I/O: 16 – 1024 points
  • All-in-one CPU with built-in Ethernet
  • Up to 260k step memory
  • Processing speeds as low as 9.5ns per instruction


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