Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.’s Networking and Compatibility Capabilities Provide Quality and Cost-Conscious Machine

IPS Case Study CC-Link IE TSN

Integrated Production Systems (IPS) develops a machine to produce anechoic foam for its customers by incorporating a complete Mitsubishi Electric solution including CC-Link IE TSN networking.

Vernon Hills, Illinois – November 21, 2023

IPS Case Study CC-Link IE TSN

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. is known for the quality, performance, and compatibility of its automation components. Because of this, Womack Machine Supply, Diamond Partner Distributor Elite of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, recommended utilizing a complete Mitsubishi Electric solution when they were approached by IPS for a new machine. IPS’s customer needed a new solution for producing anechoic foam, since their old process involved two machines that were over 30 years old, required constant repair and maintenance, and had a large footprint.

IPS achieved cost savings by producing the machine using components manufactured solely by Mitsubishi Electric, including VFDs, Servos, HMIs, and a PLC with embedded motion control. With a complex machine as is, it was important to IPS that the components were compatible. The Mitsubishi Electric Automation team recommended using CC-Link IE TSN to deliver gigabit Ethernet performance and time-sensitive networking for seamless communication and real-time networking. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric Automation provided extensive training on the new system to alleviate future downtime.

“The ‘graybeards’ from Womack and Mitsubishi Electric were an essential part of our team and were always just a phone call away,” said Seth Fuller, Vice President of Engineering at Integrated Production Systems. “The customer was pleasantly surprised at the cost and quality of everything from Mitsubishi Electric.”

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