Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. to Exhibit at SEMICON WEST 2023 in San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California – June 27, 2023

From July 11th-July 13th, 2023, Mitsubishi Electric Automation will be demonstrating automation solutions including a low-cost robot as well as Servo, PLC, VFD, and low voltage switchgear solutions.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. provides innovative and quality solutions that are “Automating the World” – this year’s booth theme, and global slogan, that encompasses a company-wide mission to share know-how and actively collaborate to build a more sustainable future through automation.

As semiconductors have become increasingly critical components in the US, enabling advances in electronic devices, OEMs and customers are facing various challenges. Many industries are facing challenges due to our current economic and social climate: supply chain disruptions, climate change, and talent shortages. Industries such as communications, computing, healthcare, transportation, clean energy, and more, all rely on electronic devices, and therefore semiconductors, for their operations.

At SEMICON WEST 2023, in booth #5348, Mitsubishi Electric Automation will be demonstrating its RH-CRH SCARA Robot. This robot is widely known for its low-cost, lightweight, and compact arm and controller. It is well suited for pick & place, assembly, material handling, and packaging applications. Mitsubishi Electric’s Servo, PLC, VFD, and low voltage switchgear will also be presented showcasing energy-saving and monitoring solutions at the booth.

“We at Mitsubishi are very excited to be exhibiting at SEMICON WEST 2023 and look forward to greeting existing and prospective customers alike. We have made a splash in the industry over the last few years by providing our clientele with a higher level of automation solutions and engineering support. With analysts projecting the industry to grow to heights of $1 trillion by 2030, we are well-positioned to ride this wave. We have assembled a well-versed Vertical Semiconductor Team, which comprises Global Industry Solutions Managers to act as your trusted advisor and a highly experienced engineering/design team to help tackle the most challenging of customer projects. You can expect more from your automation supplier, and our aim is to prove that to you” said Giano Titolo, global industry solutions manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation.

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