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The packaging industry sees constant innovation in every facet and process, from bagging and palletizing to filling and labeling. Mitsubishi Electric’s industry-leading packaging automation solutions and product portfolio encompass the needs of the entire industry. As end-users face challenges incorporating the latest technologies to improve the effectiveness of their machines, and OEMs face different technologies relating to keeping their machines as effective and competitive as possible, Mitsubishi Electric offers them both a practical partnership and investment.  The Pak/iQ portfolio of products and value-added packaging automation solutions were designed with these challenges in mind and can improve machine performance and ultimately lower the total cost of deploying smart packaging machines.

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Bad Vibes Don’t have to Produce Bad Quality

We have all heard the buzz around Smart Manufacturing for several years now, fueled by the promises of IoT and the adoption of technologies such as cloud, mobility, and analytics. Smart Machines now take advantage of vendor technologies and aggregate the learnings from individual sensors and components into algorithms that mitigate downtime and provide prognostic and predictive diagnostics. These machines provide enhanced value to the end user through improved OEE and optimized availability.
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Introducing Pak/iQ to Boost Intelligence of Smart Packaging Machines

In response to end user needs to rapidly adjust to changing consumer demands, and OEM requirements to incorporate the latest technologies into their machines, Mitsubishi Electric introduces Pak/iQ packaging automation solutions. It provides solutions to the challenges of both customer segments in the packaging industry. Pak/iQ is a comprehensive portfolio of packaging products designed to improve the performance and lower the total cost of deploying smart packaging machines
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