Automated Bagging Systems


BaggingBagging seems like a simple process for those who aren’t intrinsically involved in the technical side. It’s a complex system with parts that must synchronize efficiently and precisely. Mitsubishi Electric has designed its iQ-F compact controller line to coordinate communication between the various devices that lead to successful bagging.


The iQ-F Series includes a wide range of controllers with special function boards, adapters, and serial communication boards fit for bagging applications. The FX5U PLC (part of the iQ-F Series) is a smaller solution but allows for system expansion. Volume dosing, thermal heat sealing, and axes for vertical intermittent motion can all be communicated among hardware in our premier automated bagging systems.

Once bulk product has been accurately weighed, the RS485 serial communication sends a signal to the PLC by way of an embedded port.

Once bulk product has been weighed, the RS485 serial communication signals the PLC through an embedded port, opening the flap doors. With the SSCNET II/H servo system network and the simple motion controller, two independent axes work together to start and stop simultaneously. The FX5U PLC and FX3U-4LC temperature controllers regulate to maintain a steady level of heat across light metallic welding parts. The iQ-F controller line is our answer to your automated bagging systems requirements.

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