Form-Fill-Seal Packaging

Form-Fill-Seal Pillow Packaging

From pastries to pharmaceuticals, form-fill-seal machines need to be adaptable enough to accommodate the range of products for pillow packaging. Perfect synchronization is vital, given forming, sealing, and cutting requirements. Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ-R Series stands out as the ideal solution for form-fill-seal pillow packaging applications.

iQ-R Series motion controllers, when paired with MR-J4 servo drives and the SSCNET III/H network, are capable of meeting the high demands of form-fill-seal packaging machines. They also simplify the arduous programming process and easily integrate with user interfaces, all while maintaining high accuracy. The phase compensation algorithm incorporates into the motion controller, allowing packaging cutters to synchronize perfectly with conveyors, giving you accurate, high-speed cuts.

Horizontal Pillow Machine

The GOT2000 HMI provides adaptable operation by allowing you to store a substantial amount of profiles within it, letting you switch from medium to large pastries with ease, as the form-fill-seal packaging profile data specific to each product can be called up in the GOT2000. This feature improves your plant’s productivity and reduces its system downtime.

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