Mechatronics & Robotics

Mechatronics & Robotics

RoboticsIntegration of machines with robotics presents a unique opportunity to innovate beyond simple handoffs resulting in improved OEE, schedule coordination, seamless production, and faster changeovers.

Pak/iQ robotics capabilities integrate quickly and seamlessly with our iQ instruction sets and connectivity to provide a full range of control, motion, robotics, and information in a convenient toolkit for OEMs to deploy faster with more consistency and reliability.

Increasingly, quality, productivity and efficiency rely upon safe, repeatable, and accurate motion while processing increasing amounts of regulatory information.
Automation robotic packaging for your business must do more than speed up production lines. It should also improve product quality, provide shorter start-up times, shorter run times, and offer continuous operation. With Mitsubishi Electric’s robotic packaging solutions, you’re given intelligent technology that not only simplifies operations and maintenance but reduces total cost of ownership while improving performance and increasing your profitability.

Our packaging robotics have the latest iQ platform, force sensor, 2 and 3D vision sensors, multifunctional grippers, and interference avoidance functions. With cooperative control and seamless integration with our suite of automation robotic packaging solutions, you can position your business to expand and meet ever increasing market demands.

Robotic packaging solutions are not one size fits all. That’s why, when you get in touch with our packaging robotics experts, they’ll discuss your company, areas of needed improvement, holes in your system, and which products will provide you with the best solution to boost your business. Total integration and innovation is available with our suite of Pak/iQ robotics solutions. Do not let your competitors pass you by. Make the changes necessary to integrate dynamic cutting-edge robotics solutions into your business. Position your company to become a leading front-runner in Industry 4.0.

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