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Equipment for the control chipHigh accuracy and dependable operation matter most when moving valuable materials through your processes. The ability to compensate for mechanical instabilities through vibration compensation, continuously tuned to ensure the highest accuracy, our portfolio of controls, servos, and robots make semiconductor production and high speed assembly operations fault proof and efficient.

Mitsubishi Electric developed its portfolio with the highest precision in mind and our own electronic assembly plants are used as test cases for the latest innovations in PLC, servo, and robotic technologies.

A semiconductor robot must be the best in its class to execute flawless, repeatable, and accurate production and assembly of delicate wafer materials. With the right automation in place, your company will be poised to reduce costs and increase production. At Mitsubishi Electric, we specialize in seamless integration and connectivity, providing total control for equipment and process control systems, and optimal factory performance. With our semiconductor robot in your hands, you can reduce cycle time and increase on-time delivery while boosting your yields and reducing total cost for part creation. Combine our years of expertise in robotics and you get automation that provides stable, scalable, and reliable manufacturing that can be completely integrated with your entire system.

No longer wonder whether your robots are working at their max capacity or slowing down your production line. With our integrated, data-driven platform, you’ll have all the numbers necessary to determine where and how you can reduce wasted time, increase your production levels, and lower total costs over the lifetime of your machine.

Our premier portfolio of automation solutions provides exactly what you need for your clean environment semiconductor and wafer transfer needs. Mitsubishi Electric’s semiconductor robot provides superior accuracy and smooth wafer transfers at high speeds. Increase the amount of throughput your machines manage while maintaining precise wafer handling efficiency. As IoT continues to grow exponentially, you need to keep up with the increasing demand for your parts. Thanks to our line of automation solutions, now is the time to grow, expand, and increase your offerings to customers. Grow with IoT – don’t let it leave you behind.

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