Set it and Forget It

When it comes to factory and component maintenance, the goal is to “set it and forget it”. That’s the standard at Mitsubishi Electric.

Think of the most reliable car you ever drove.

Maybe it’s what you’re driving now. Maybe you’ve never driven a reliable car, and you wish you had something that you didn’t have to sink money in every few months.

We all have our preconceived notions about what sort of cars are more reliable than others. Maybe you sacrifice gas mileage for the utility of that old pickup which has never failed to start. Maybe your imported sedan has never failed you. If anything, the check engine light will come on and you’ll bring it into the mechanic.

Whatever the case, now imagine if you never had to put gas in it again, or take it for an oil change. Never had to get it inspected. Or get the brakes checked. What if you never even had to wash it? Imagine walking out to your car every day and it was pristine as the day you bought it: complete with the new car smell.

I don’t have to tell you that this car doesn’t exist and never will. Cars get old and dirty. If you don’t take care of it in some capacity, it will stop working, and that’s if it doesn’t put your safety in jeopardy first.

I have an idea of what you might be thinking. “He’s going to segue this into saying that Mitsubishi factory components are perfect. You just have to install them and never worry about them breaking down.”

I’m not going to tell you that, because it’s not true. Every piece of equipment needs maintenance, especially when you have profits and bottom lines that will suffer if production halts. No manufacturer will be able to give you a perfect product. Things break down.

Here’s what I can tell you though: Mitsubishi Electric has a reputation for reliability. Our failure rates are low and we don’t get a lot of repairs and returns. People in the field have said that they were unaware their machines even had Mitsubishi components inside because they never had to open the cabinet up. They also incorporate smart technology and IoT implementation. Their predictive maintenance capabilities notice anomalies and inform operators that maintenance is required before something bad happens, kind of like a check engine light.

So, no, Mitsubishi factory components aren’t analogous to the perfect dream car I talked about. Nothing like that exists. But the most reliable car you ever drove? That’s a pretty fair comparison.

Dan Zachacki is a Sr. Product Marketing Engineer for servo and motion products. If you have any questions for Dan, you can reach out to him at [email protected].

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