Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Smart ManufacturingManufacturers are presented with a convergence of technologies offering unprecedented efficiencies and profitability, while improving demand response, quality, and flexibility to serve changing market demands.

Smart operations are investing in collaborative technologies, including analytics, robotics, cloud, and mobile technologies. Leveraging the intelligence contained within smart machines and smart controls provides smart automation solutions and operations with insight to production variables that provide improved consumer response, while driving hidden costs from production to supply chain. The rise of intelligence as a service provided by control systems has made plant upgrades to smart automation solutions an imperative.

Public/private coalitions such as Industry 4.0 have provided a unique opportunity to invest in automation and robotics while mining information, analyzing critical performance indicators, and improving reliability, safety, and responsiveness.

In today’s rapidly changing market, it’s critical to improve and expand your business capabilities with smart automation solutions. Smart technology can help drive your business, enabling you to generate more products with precision execution, improved performance, and less waste.

Innovate through smart automation for all your manufacturing needs. Connect machines and processes from the engineering stage all the way to the shop floor and beyond. Automate your shop floor to run at maximum output and efficiency, saving you time, reducing cost, and maximizing your labor force.

Mitsubishi Electric’s smart automation solutions will position you to optimize production, meet your customer’s needs, meet and exceed rigorous global environmental requirements, and stay on top of trending market expectations. When you connect all aspects of your manufacturing through smart automation solutions, you’ll receive data-driven intel to help you adjust and reduce wasted time, lost energy, and fill gaps in your production line.

Using smart manufacturing technology will help you optimize your production process from design to manufacturing and create differentiated, competitive, and cost-effective products to meet and exceed today’s market expectations. Maintain your competitive edge by delivering the right products at the right time while reducing your cost, increasing your profit margin, and boosting your production capabilities.

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